Editors' Note: On the first year anniversary of Katrina, Louisiana resident and writer, Polydactyl reflects on her in-the-moment journals and diaries to remind us of what it was like in the eye of the storm.

Part I: The Summer of Storms - gives voice to Polydactyl's red-faced anger and fist-shaking frustration with the Red Cross and FEMA

Part II: Wherein We Take a Hit from Rita and I Cook - provides Polydactyl's personal, moment-by-moment reactions and observations as Rita bears down.

Part III: The Circling Vultures - gives us an up close look at contractors, FEMA, politicians, and dried guk.

Part IV: The Re-Occupation of New Orleans - chronicles the trip back to New Orleans after the storms

Part V: "Shrinking" Government and Drowning New Orleans - is a Lousiana gumbo of hot spicy anger

about the author: Polydactyl dons her blogger's hat in Central Louisiana between shifts as a wife, mom, cat-herder and computer healer.

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