FDR entered office when the country was at peril. Is there anything we can still learn from the greatest President since Lincoln? In this series, Chris White assembles arguments, texts, links to original sources to establish an answer.

Part I: FDR and the Unfinished Agenda - shows how, for FDR, US citizenship was the right to lifetime security.

Part II: The Money Changers have Fled - looks at how FDR beat the banking crisis, launching the New Deal.

Part III: FDR's Brain Trust - illustrates what FDR's Brain Trust was, where it came from, and what it did.

Part IV: First 100 Days - examines how FDR organized his first 100 days in office and to what effect.

Part V: Enduring Legacies - shows how FDR helped change the world by overcoming his own disability.

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