Blaming the Veteran: The Politics of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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PTSD Resources

Soldier's Heart
PTSD Education Page

Infinity Publishing
Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual - comprehensive online book

National Center for PTSD
Veterans with PTSD Fact Sheet
Managing Stress Fact Sheet
The Iraq War Clinician Guide, 2nd Volume

MSN Groups
PTSD - Iraq Discussion Forum
PTSD Support Group for Family Members
Aftermath of War - Coping with PTSD Forum

Guide to Listening to War Veterans for Family Members

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
Resources for Vets - formerly Operation Truth

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Seamless Transition - resources for OEF and OIF vets
PTSD Counseling Centers

Vietnam Veterans of America
PTSD Benefits Guide

Veterans for Common Sense
PTSD Resources Page

Kirt Love - Gulf War Veteran and Advocate
Kirt's Biography
e-mail Address

National Gulf War Resource Center
Self Help Guide for Post Traumatic Stress

US Marine Corps
Leaders Guide for Managing Marines in Distress

part I
part II
part III
about the authors